Our Mission at AnchorageYouth

Young people at South Shores Church are on a journey.
We are a community of young people seeking to know and be known by Jesus Christ. Our focus is to embrace all who God is and all that God has for us. However, the journey is never just about us, but rather exploring how each of us can make a difference in the lives of others, for the glory of God.

We invite everyone to join the journey of being fully-devoted followers of Jesus through the various connection points through out the week. Come join us!

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Our Team

Erik Williams

Minister of Youth


Erik has been serving in local church youth ministry since 1994. He longs to see students become captivated by and then transformed by the good news of Jesus. Erik and his wife, Leslie have been married since 1998. They have 2 kids, a girl-Havilah and a boy-Elias. Erik doesn’t watch much sports, but he does love to mountain bike and surf.

Emili Hilde

Associate Minister of Youth


Emili was born and bred in South Orange County. She is a graduate of Biola University with a major in Christian Ministries and a minor in Counseling.  She has a huge heart for students and a desire to equip them to be fully devoted followers of Jesus. She loves the outdoors, breakfast foods, and petting cute dogs. If you want to make her day, she loves good iced coffee. She’s also a huge fan of Star Wars, waffles, and ice-hockey.

Cody Nord

Associate Minister of Youth


Cody was born and bred in South Orange County. He is a graduate of Biola University with a major in Biblical Studies.  Cody has been serving in local church youth ministry since 2011 and has been serving young people at South Shores since 2017.  He is not afraid of belly flopping or snipe hunting. Most of all, he is committed to helping young people know their Creator. After meeting in high school, Cody and Cassie got married in 2019, after almost 3 years of long-distance dating. They now enjoy traveling, the crock pot and coffee.  Cody’s screen time stats are bigger than yours. He’s also a fan of Fantasy Football, Parks & Rec and being right.