Note of Caution for this Sunday’s Content

Heads up!!! to the Parents of AnchorageYouth,

This Sunday, September 1st, is the first Sunday of the month, which means it’s also the day that AnchorageYouth joins the rest of body of in the main service for worship and the Word.

I have the privilege to preach this Sunday as we wrap up our series “Real Love”.

In this sermon, I will be addressing sexuality broadly and acknowledging sexual sin. We will also look at some distortions of God’s good plan for His creation; men and women.

I will directly refer to the LGBTQ+ movements in many forms in order to see how we can understand and appropriately love those in our lives that may be within that realm.

If you feel your student is not ready for this discussion, we understand. However, I will attempt to encourage and prepare people, young and old, to hold on to God’s truth and to know better how to navigate our culture.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. email me here

In love,


September, 2019


Note of Caution for this Sunday’s Content

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