This will be an unforgettable weekend up in the cold mountain air.
Get signed up at the following 2 LINKS as soon as possible!

Link #1 here (South Shores): CAMP SIGN UP LINK #1

Link #2 here (Forest Home): CAMP SIGN UP LINK #2

Friday January 3, 2020 – Sunday January 5, 2020

Check-in at church –> 1:00pm Friday
Departure               –> 1:15pm Friday
Arrive home           –> 3:00pm(ish) Sunday

On this weekend, Forest Home is hosting a combination camp of middle school & and high school. Youth groups from all over Orange County and LA will gather on the mountain to worship and learn together.

This is a special time to step away from the busyness of life and plug into Christ-centered community. We reflect, engage in deep discussion, and pray together. We want to walk alongside one another, supporting and challenging  students in their faith and have a lot of fun while doing it!

-Biblical teaching
-focused time of worship through music
-incredible views of the mountains
-zip line
-epic milk shakes
-dance party?

Transportation – We are taking a bus to camp, driven by a professional driver. Students must follow all directions and schedules. Any problems will be solved with mom or dad coming to pick you up.
Lodging – High school and middle school will have separate cabins. Expect a bunk and a mattress. Don’t expect sheets and blankets. Bring your own sleeping bag and pillow…and probably ear plugs.
Bible/Journal – Please bring a Bible, a journal (of some sort) and a pen. We ask every student to bring their Bible/journal to every meeting. (need help gettting one? ask us!)
Clothing – Last year it snowed. Two years ago it rained. Sometimes neither happens. Plan for anything! It get’s pretty cold at night usually.
Phones – No signal, but hey bring it, you know…for pictures.
iPads/tablets – Leave these at home.
Money – Snack shop offers burgers, fries, shakes, etc etc. It costs money. Zip line is free. There are arts, crafts and other activities that might cost a few bucks. Also, there’s a gift shop with clothing and trinkets. $20 could get a student through a weekend. $40-$60 would get a 6th grader through a weekend with a nice stomach ache and a leather bookmark.
Sunday Lunch – We eat lunch on the road on the way home, usually In-N-Out. Student’s need to plan for this so A: they aren’t starving B: they aren’t begging, borrowing, or stealing to get lunch. Make it a life lesson.

January, 2020


Winter Camp 2020, January 3-5, MS/HS Combo

All Day
40000 Valley of the Falls Dr, Forest Falls, CA, 92339

Winter Camp 2020, January 3-5, MS/HS Combo