Purity Culture Series

Jillian Gellatly | October 11, 2022

We are starting a new series this Wednesday night, October 12. For 4 Wednesday nights, we will be investigating the historic Christian teachings regarding our bodies, our relationships, and what we take in through our eyes and ears.

This series will help students fight against unbiblical and destructive ideas that have crept into our culture. From hook-up culture, to Only Fans, etc to sex-before-marriage. All these types of  self-rule have become widely accepted and even celebrated in popular culture.

Even if our students don’t have a phone and they go to a Christian school, guess what, this stuff is everywhere! Things have changed radically. Our kids may encounter this type of trash almost anywhere. It’s on the school bus. It’s in the lunchroom. It can in fact be anywhere that a child has a device that’s hooked up to the internet.

So, we will look at what the Bible has to say about purity, about God’s plan for sex and dating, and how our students can walk the narrow path of blessing and peace that meets those who walk it.

If you have any questions about this series feel free to reach out to us!

Erik pastorerik@southshores.org

Jillian jillian@southshores.org